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Join Joan McIntyre for a conducted
tour of the
 Gorge Cemetery in Woodville *

30th June – 100 years on- getting to know those who past 100 years ago. 

Held on the 5th Sunday of the Month

Each tour focus’s on a different piece of the fabric that created Woodville. 

Matariki – New beginnings and Hope Exhibition 
4th June – 5th July 2024

Rinitawa AGM  
17th May 2024, 5pm
Rinitawa Gallery, Woodville 

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2024 Artist in Residence Exhibition Opening  
4th April 2024, 6pm

26th March 2024 – 29th April 2024

Cemetery Tour   
31st March 2024, 2pm

22 February 2024 – 25th March 2024

Annual Tararua District Lindauer Art Exhibition 

Entry Forms can be downloaded here or found on Facebook 
19th FEBRUARY 2024

Late entries may be accepted – please contact us for details 

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Looking for one of our previous artists?
Loved someone’s work, but didn’t snap it up?
Check here to see who has displayed in the past few months…

2nd January 2023 – 1st February 2023 

To start the year of right, we have a mix of exhibiting artists: 

Pou Valu. First exhibition Woodville young artist, born and raised in Manawatu. She works with young mums and wanted to celebrate a positive body image for women after the birth of her own children. She studied art at secondary school and this is her first ever exhibition.
We also have Carol & Peter Laubscher & Judith Giddens exhibiting – pop over to our Facebook Page for more images.

29th January 2023, 2pm 

Joan McIntyre is hosting a ‘Cemetery Tour’ at the history section of the Galleries. This is because there is Motorcross on out by the Gorge Cemetery and it makes speaking and hearing difficult.

We will hold it at the gallery and show headstones on screen and talk about people in portraits or with artifacts on show in the galleries.
So, no climbing around hills and steps, and a cuppa to follow.

24th January 2023, 10am

You are invited to the Rinitawa Art & History Galleries for a talk by Carolyn Adams who has written a family history with connections to Woodville.
Carolyn won the best family history of the year 2021 from the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.
Do come in and hear what she has to say.
Carolyn Adams, #26177, for ‘History – One Family At A Time’ Citation: A brilliant read, well set out and how the family was placed genetically and historically was fascinating… the judges agreed many of the technical boxes had been ticked… (https://genealogy.org.nz/Kevin-McAnulty-Award/11182/)

Exhibition held:
7th December 2022 – 3rd January 2023

Exhibition held:
9th November 2022 – 5th December 2022 

Exhibition held:
13th October 2022- 9th November 2022 

John Henry Holmes has drawn and painted since childhood.  Raised in Lower Hutt, he learned much from his Grandfather, Edward Holmes, a Victorian genre and landscape painter, whose works have been sold at such fine venues as Sotheby’s London, Bonhams Chester and Christie’s South Kensington.     

At age 17 John won a place in the New Zealand Kelliher Art Competition and won second place in the under 21 year old section the year that he entered.      

He was employed as a free hand & technical illustrator for the New Zealand Forest Service, and studied at the Wellington School of Art and Design.      

He is a keen artist using the mediums of acrylic, oil and egg tempura. The influence of his grandfather’s tuition shows in John’s paintings in his use of light and the saturation of his colours.

To work on his hobby he became a self-employed Painter and Decorator which allowed him time to develop his craft.    His painting ability went from strength to strength and he has exhibited throughout New Zealand and Australia holding both one man and collective shows.     

Over the last 15 years he has shown little of his works and so it is very pleasing that he agreed to have a major exhibition at the newly established Rinitawa Galleries in Woodville, Tararua.

I am Joan Hay and I am a Napier based watercolour artist and love working with this medium. In earlier days I was an avid potter however, after many years of hankering to paint I finally put brush to paper and now try to allow some time each day to paint.

I thoroughly enjoy the movement and magic that watercolours allow. It’s exciting to watch the merging of colours and how the paint can often have a mind of its own.

It’s wonderful to allow my imagination to roam and when working on a piece, I look for ways I might be able to incorporate a variety of techniques which adds other dimensions to my work. Creating pieces using a variety of tools as opposed to brushes is a style I particularly like owing to the freedom and unexpected outcomes this can allow with a painting. Not only this but very often creating something that is just a little different to more traditional watercolour pieces. 

My paintings are showcased in a number of galleries within the Hawkes Bay.

I am often reminded of how true the saying of Vincent Van Gogh…”If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Exhibition held:
15th – September 2022 – 11th October 2022

“Artitude” joins us from Foxton, a group of Horowhenua artist who meet weekly at Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, which is the cultural centre in Foxton.

There is a sharing of ideas, that gives this group a great diversity in both style and media.
Call into see their exhibition. 

Artitude meets Tuesday’s 10am till 3pm (with lunch at the cafe optional)

Art by Bobbi Angelini is called ‘A Brighter Shade of Pale.’ Featuring pastels and more! 
Bobbi is attracted to themes of the natural world and she likes to express her images with colour and movement. Bobbi is a local from Woodville and often enters work on our yearly exhibitions.

Just One of the Fishbowl Artist Collective members contributing to this exhibition is Michaela Miller – Artist. Michaelas mosaic work is colorful and unique!

This exhibition is shaping up to be a feast for the eyes with many different artists, styles and types of artworks!!


Exhibition ran from the 19 August 2022- 14 September 2022

Image contains a landscape of NZ hills, sheep, old wooden house and farms sheds.
Graham Christensen is one of our current artist exhibiting in our Galleries.
Graham is sharing the space with multi-award winning watercolorist Judy Johnstone and acrylic pour and alcohol ink artists Melissa Haywood and Corinne Andrew.
About Graham: Graham Christensen – New Zealand Artist lives on a farm just outside of Ashhurst and paints from a large, light-filled studio – a converted room at the back of the barn.
His paintings depict his life-long love of farming and the rugged landscape that New Zealand offers. His works are a reminiscence of rural life and moments in time that make up the rich tapestry of our farming communities and their significant place in our country’s history.
Visit Graham’s website to see more of his work: https://grahamchristensen.co.nz
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